Your last-minute childcare superhero

Do you wish finding a safe, reliable sitter was as easy as ordering groceries?

Parents in 2021 are constantly pulled in different directions.  Jobs and careers, household chores, personal needs and sanity checks…and occasionally, we JUST NEED HELP.  Whether it’s to go to an appointment, a meeting, a date night, an evening out with friends, or just a hot cup of coffee to ourselves — the need for occasional childcare is obvious.

SitterSignal helps you find short-term responsible childcare when you need it. SitterSignal manages the hiring (including interviews, reference checks, and background checks!), schedule-coordinating, communication, and payment — all through one app!

What our parents do: 

    • Join SitterSignal as a Family
    • Request a sitter when you want one

What SitterSignal does:

    • Seek out qualified and safe sitters throughout West Michigan
    • Interview Sitters for experience & qualifications
    • Run in-depth national and international background checks (with our friends at GPS Bait Investigators)
    • Verify all references
    • Confirm any certifications or special trainings Sitters have completed
    • Coordinate Sitter schedules to find an available sitter when our families need them
    • Monitor family and sitter communications to ensure satisfaction and open communication
    • Manage payment from families and pay sitters directly through our app

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